Access and Use of Nets

Access to the Ground

The lane to the ground is not owned by the club.  We therefore kindly ask that all visitors to our ground keep to the designated speed limit when using the lane.  Please always close the access gate at the entrance to the field after use in case livestock is in the field. 

Guidelines for Use of Nets 

The Nets are available to Club members and only during scheduled practice sessions and for an hour before and then during matches.  Use at other times and by non-members is not permitted.  There should be no use after 9pm.  The Nets are not open for use between October and the end of March each year.

The Club would ask its members to observe the following:

  1. Respect the privacy of our neighbours at all times
  2. Keep noise to a reasonable level and avoid the use of bad language
  3. No spiked footwear to be worn in the nets
  4. No food and drink to be taken into the nets
  5. Dispose of all rubbish, taking it with you when you leave
  6. The nets are a non-smoking area
  7. Under 18s using a hard ball to bat must do so wearing a helmet; all players using the Nets with a hard ball should wear appropriate protective clothing.
  8. All equipment must be cleared away after use including retrieval of practice balls
  9. Report any damage to a committee member at the earliest opportunity
  10. Take pride in our facility and leave the nets as you would expect to find them.

The Club Committee would like to thank you for your cooperation and reserves the right to take appropriate action against any individual who does not observe these guidelines.