Erratics Match Report

After spending the week pondering our two victories so far this season and looking at the team I had been sent, I arrived at the ground feeling rather confident of a good result, after a few subtle hints from Gidders and B-Rad (Bradley) the first shouting across the pitch at me whilst hugging a bat and the latter with a gentle whisper in my ear, I had a fair idea of what I wanted to do anyway, but had a fair idea that there may be a mutiny if I decided to put them in, I won the toss and put us in.
So feeling confident having won the toss and kept my main batsmen happy (and Dave) I threw on an umpires coat and strode to the middle, then had to run back for a ball, again for bails, and one last time for some counters we were eventually off, my mood soon changed after the first over that the new ball pitched, swung and bounced. Giving buzz nothing. In the third over one delivery did just that but more, which Buzz couldn’t get out of the way from and edged/gloved to the keeper.
In came Bradders who alongside Gidders steadied the ship and when Dave was bowled we had a good platform of 43 for 2. This returning the full faith I had in my team (Honestly.) Andrew came in after Dave and with Mr Reliable and Mr Eccentric (I will let you decide who is who) batting together the run started to flow. We soon past 100 with the batsmen reaching a 50 partnership and both men displayed some excellent batting skills and both passed their half centuries.
Brad was finally out caught on 75, after captains orders of go out there and enjoy your selves, have a go as we have lots of batting to come, Leyton followed and hit a quick 6 but was caught behind and Martin looked good for 16 but was caught to an excellent catch by that man Chris who likes to hurt us on a yearly basis. David Butler entered the fold and looked good at the strikers end but a bit asleep at the non- strikers end and was last man out to a run out. James, Kev and I all went out having a go and added a few valuable runs each along with tom Spence who ended not out on 2 in his first batting performance of the season.
So all out for 212 was a very respectable total and gave us something to bowl at.
After an excellent tea and some tea time banter we entered the field. Tom Spence opened from the Pavilion end looked good from the start causing their opener all sorts of problem, he should have had an early wicket bowling excellently to the field set with the batsman edging one to myself at gully which debatably I said had fell just short and called the batsman back. The delivery deserved a wicket but I felt it was the right call as I wasn’t sure I had taken it cleanly. I opened from the other end and found the ball swinging more than I was used to however both tom and I gave little away and that pressure bought us a run out.
1st change brought on Andrew down the hill and Kev up the hill with the batsman starting to open up the runs began to flow and both the batsmen c losing in on half centuries with some good hitting and quick singles. I brought Brad on from the top end and Tom from the bottom end with tom finally getting his man to edge to slip (who had only been put there a few balls earlier, this I would call and excellent piece of captaincy, added to that, that I was the slip fielder it all worked rather well. Brad bowled well and we started to apply pressure again and slowed the runs down, after an excellent spell taking three wickets one with an excellent catch from James weeks on his second attempt, I took brad off and myself and David had a bowl. David starting very well and finding the edge in his first over, which between me and Martins hands and another area of mine that hurt a lot after we managed to drop. However bowling very well at the death he persisted and got his wicket that he deserved. I managed to trap Chris LBW with one that looked as though the umpire was looking at the view rather than the game.
We fielded very well to stop them reaching the total in a game that either side could have won and may have felt hard done by to have lost, all in all a draw was an good result for both sides in an entertaining game.
Brad 75
Andrew 62
Dave 16
Martin 16
Tom 7-2-35-1
Danny 11-1-48-1
Andrew 5-0-33-0
Kev 4-1-25-0
Brad 5-0-15-3
David 3-0-18-1
Danny Parcell